Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ordering school books & playground fun

Kaleb and I are washing the car. It was Kaleb's idea to wash the car. When we finished, it shined like new!

I took a picture of Travis in the back seat right before we left to go order the school books.
Here we are in a big room at a hotel looking at school books for me and Kaleb.
This is a picture of some of the school books on display.
This is Mama looking at books for Kaleb.
Here's Mama ordering our books online. I was watching Travis; and when he was bad, I fed him candy.
Since we were extra good, Mama took us to the Amana school playground. I am riding on a super fast twirly thing! When I got off, I was very dizzy!
Kaleb and I slid back and forth on this ride. It was very fun!

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