Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home activities

This is me right after I got home from visiting Aunt Katie and Eric in Florida. I'm giving Jane a ride in my basket.

I'm doing my chores again...
I get our breakfast ready for Mama.
This is 200 pounds of beef from one of my Anna's cows.
I'm putting Daddy and Kaleb to sleep by playing my harp.
Helping Daddy prepare the garden for planting.
MY TEST RESULTS! I scored in the top 90% of kids...3rd grade level.
I'm back to doing school work after my long vacation. Mama is standing outside my window taking this picture.
Here we are planting peas...we did it all ourselves...Daddy just stood back and watched us.
Then our work is done. Daddy is getting our fishing poles ready and takes us fishing at the lake! :)