Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Faces

My school books arrived UPS today. My two expressions say my feelings...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Crusader Camp Out

Friday night was the Crusader's Camp Out! The first thing I did when I got there was catch tiny frogs. Then we all sat on a trailer and Bro. Joe gave us a ride. We stopped at a blueberry bush and apple tree. We rode into a golf course after that...Ryan Hoffert lost his shoe there. :) We stopped by the horses and fed them our extra apples that we picked. When we got back to camp, we went on a hike to the Indian River and had so much fun playing there! Bro Joe found a flower that smelt like mint. After returning to camp, we ate hot dogs, hamburgers, and chips. When we were done eating, we ran and played games in the barn. Then we played games using water balloons, bouncy balls, eggs on spoons, and much more! When it was dark, we went back to camp and roasted marsh mellows over the fire. Then we played the game Marco Polo. Before heading to bed, we sang songs around the campfire, and Bro. Joe told us two ghost stories.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ordering school books & playground fun

Kaleb and I are washing the car. It was Kaleb's idea to wash the car. When we finished, it shined like new!

I took a picture of Travis in the back seat right before we left to go order the school books.
Here we are in a big room at a hotel looking at school books for me and Kaleb.
This is a picture of some of the school books on display.
This is Mama looking at books for Kaleb.
Here's Mama ordering our books online. I was watching Travis; and when he was bad, I fed him candy.
Since we were extra good, Mama took us to the Amana school playground. I am riding on a super fast twirly thing! When I got off, I was very dizzy!
Kaleb and I slid back and forth on this ride. It was very fun!