Friday, May 8, 2009

Making Cookies

Right now I am getting all the ingredients to make Honey Bee Cookies. Grama and Papa gave me a Alpha-Bakery Children's Cookbook for Christmas '08. I found this recipe in the book.

I am mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. Then I put them in the oven and set the timer for 7 minutes. Then I get to eat what you see in the picture below. Kaleb, Daddy, Travis, Mama and I loved the cookies!


  1. Oh Allyson, these cookies look absolutely scrumptious!! AND...they have pink sprinkles on them! Yuuummmmy!! Where did you learn to bake? You are so talented. When Eric saw the picture of your cookies, he said, "I sure wish Allyson was here to make some of those cookies for me to eat. They look delicious!" :-) I LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Dear sweet Allyson,
    i am so sorry for not writing comments sooner but grandmother left me here alone and i have no adult supervision nor direction and all the chores keep piling up and it seems like i dont have enough time to scratch when i itch. i havent watched any movies, eaten any goodies, played any games, gone canoing, gone for a walk, walked out on the pier, nor have i had anyone to joke and clown around with....and you know how much i like to act goofy....i really miss that alot....i really miss grandmother, she is so much fun and exciting....the first thing i am going to do when grandmother gets home is run her around the house and try to give her a spanking....i love you allyson...grandaddy thinks you are an extra special precious treasure.

  3. Dear sweet Kaleb,
    I bet you enjoyed eating all those cookies...i liked the indian sqaw girl that is peeping over Allyson's she who Allyson caught her running nose from?
    I love you are my bosum buddy and i think you are the tops. I am so glad you are my grandson!!!! I think you are fantastic!!!!