Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home activities

This is me right after I got home from visiting Aunt Katie and Eric in Florida. I'm giving Jane a ride in my basket.

I'm doing my chores again...
I get our breakfast ready for Mama.
This is 200 pounds of beef from one of my Anna's cows.
I'm putting Daddy and Kaleb to sleep by playing my harp.
Helping Daddy prepare the garden for planting.
MY TEST RESULTS! I scored in the top 90% of kids...3rd grade level.
I'm back to doing school work after my long vacation. Mama is standing outside my window taking this picture.
Here we are planting peas...we did it all ourselves...Daddy just stood back and watched us.
Then our work is done. Daddy is getting our fishing poles ready and takes us fishing at the lake! :)


  1. Janes looks like she loves riding in your basket! Was she excited to see you get home after being gone so long?

    You're so sweet to do your chores and fix breakfast with such a beautiful smile on your face while you're doing it. I'm sure your Mama couldn't make it without her big helper!

    I bet it didn't take long for your Daddy and Kaleb to fall asleep listening to your beautiful harp music. Were they surprised to see that you had learned to play the harp while you were gone?

    You are a genius, Allyson! I am soooo proud of you! Congratulations on your UNBELIEVABLE score!! What a great teacher you have! :-)

    I'll bet after all that hard work of doing your chores and planting all the peas by yourself, you were excited to take a little break and go fishing with your Daddy. Did you catch anything?

    I love you, Ally!

  2. Allyson, Aunt Kristin is so sorry for not putting a comment up sooner. She is so busy she cant even pick her nose. Poor Meradeth has to play by herself all day. I wish you and the boys could come and stay with us so she has somebody to play with.
    I loved looking at your pictures. It is so interesting to see different things that you do all day. I remember doing schoolwork just like you when I was younger. I loved it!!!
    Do you think that you guys will ever be able to eat all that meat???
    When we come and visit you will have to take meradeth to the chicken pen to gather eggs. She will go CRAZY!
    Did you catch anything?
    I am so glad that you keep playing your harp. Maybe mama can go online and show you pictures of really big harps. I love you and I will tell uncle kevin you have pictures so he can look at them too.

  3. Wow! are all the pictures from one day? If so thats quite a wonderful life you have, you are so blessed to be able to have a nice garden like that. I sure would love to have a nice garden one day, oh and fresh eggs, yummy. Are you going to eat all that beef?

  4. Dear Allyson,
    i am so sorry for not writing comments sooner but grandmother left me here alone and i have no direction and all the chores keep piling up and it seems like i dont have enough time to scratch when i itch. i havent watched any movies, eaten any goodies, played any games, gone canoing, gone for a walk, walked out on the pier, nor have i had anyone to joke and clown around with....and you know how much i like to act goofy....i really miss that alot....the first thing i am going to do when grandmother gets home is run her around the house and try to give her a spanking....i love you allyson...grandaddy thinks you are an extra special precious treasure.