Saturday, October 1, 2011

My garden

Yesterday Daddy built me a flower box! I love it! I want to plant tuilip bulbs in it soon. I want them to be all different colors. Mama weedeated around it to make it look pretty. I love pulling weeds out of it. After that I raked it out all nice and smooth. I will keep you updated on my progress. Keep checking in!


  1. Good morning Allyson,
    I cant wait to see all you pretty flowers!!!
    Maybe if you have a lot of flowers you will be able to pick some and keep a center piece of beautiful flowers on your kitchen table for everyone to enjoy!!!
    I think the Lord created pretty colorful flowers for us to enjoy their beautiful colors and their intricate design. They also cheer us up and brighten up our world just to look at them.
    You sure brighten the corner where you are!!!
    Grandaddy loves you soooooooooo much.

  2. OHhhhhh, Ally, Mera would LOVE this. She absolutely love planting and picking. I have told her that God created flowers just for her because she loves them so much. I wish that we lived closer so that you could teach Meradeth all this stuff you are learnging.

  3. Ally, this looks like SO much fun! Are tulips your favorite flower? Do you want to plant anything else? Wish I could be there to help you out with your flower garden. Keep us posted on your progress with lots of pictures. I love you!!!

  4. Grandaddy, that is a great idea to pick my flowers and decorate the house. I bought all kinds of flowers at Ace today.

    Aunt Kristin, I would love for Meradeth to come help me. What fun we would have! Tell Meradeth that I love flowers too.

    Aunt Katie, my favorite flower is a daisy. I am going to plant a Persian Blue Allium bulb. The next picture will be me planting my flowers.

    I love all of you!!

  5. I love flowers also,but I have to say that when I see this lovely garden I see all kinds of herbs that I could grow and put in the delicious recipes your mama makes. This year I had basil,rosemary,thyme,cilantro and chives in my little garden. I think daisies would be beautiful planted all around these herbs.

  6. My sweet darling Allyson, Grandmother got interrupted yesterday and had to post her comment before she was done(I always edit my comments several times before posting) and thought I could go back and add more after posting but I didn't see a way to do it so this is my add-on. I can't wait to see your beautiful garden with the colorful flowers. Your mama has a green thumb w/flowers and your daddy can get anything to grow,he grows the best tasting watermelons, so I know that whatever you decide to do will be lovely. I thought you might like to add herbs to your garden so that is why I suggested it. I go out to my little garden each morning and get herbs for my tea and water and suppers and that is alot of fun for me. I think tulips are so stunning. I wish I lived close by so I could learn how you are going to feed your flowers because I am not good at getting flowers to grow. I love you darling and miss your sweet smile.

  7. I sure wish I could have a flower box like that. I can already see how beautiful it will look with all those different color tulips .

  8. Grandmther, I think that is a good idea to plant herbs. Is cinnomin an herb? I love cinnomin. Some girls put cinnomin in their hot coco. If that is not an herb than I will probably plant rosmary.

    Uncle Kevin, some tuilips will be different colors, and some will be purple.