Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is a keyboard that Uncle Caleb gave me. I love it! When you watch the video you will hear me playing "Amazing Grace." Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for the piano Uncle Caleb!!!!

The reason why I haven't been posting about my flower garden is because it has rained all week long. I can't plant my flowers because it's a muddy mess. I have to wait until the ground dries up a bit.

Another bit of news I have is the chickens have started laying!


  1. My sweet dearest Allyson,
    you are a natural piano play sososososososo good!!!!....i like the mike too!!!
    Could you figure out how to mail me some of your fresh eggs?
    I love you Allyson,

  2. Hey, where did my comment go? I posted it yesterday. Well, I just said how much I loved the song. Next video, I want you to sing AND play. Allyson, ask your mama to get you the beginner Alfred piano books so you can teach yourself how to play the piano.

  3. That sure is some impressive piano playing, Allyson! Maybe when I come visit you we could play a duet? I would love that!

  4. Your piano playing sounds great Allyson. I love the piano and would like to be able to play it as well as you. Your flower garden would be doing great here in California, it was recently 100 degrees; but now its back to 70 degrees. Keep playing the piano and tell your mom to pick her guitar and play a song with you.

  5. your welcome, Allyson...A1 is coming Kevin said, tell your mother to play the guitar along with you..that would be nice...bye

  6. Grandaddy,
    I can record the piano playing but I cannot record my voice. I don't think you can mail eggs. But I will try to think of a way.

    Aunt Kristin,
    I have been practicing playing "Amazing Grace" on my piano. I will sing on my next video. I am learing to read notes.

    Aunt Katie,
    Whenever I play my piano, I imagine I am playing in front of church. I can change instruments on my piano. We will play together when you come.

    Uncle Kevin,
    It is freezing here. It is 38 degrees in the mornings. I have not planted my flowers yet, but Daddy is on vacation so maybe we can now. I want to play the guitar when I grow up.

    Uncle Caleb,
    I can not WAIT until A1 comes! Maybe I will ask Mama to record us playing "Amazing Grace" together. I can make my piano echo! Thank you again very much!