Friday, March 20, 2009


This is my Build-A-Bear box that I got for Christmas. Mama and I finally got time to open it up yesterday evening and put it together.

Kaleb and I are fluffing up the stuffing for the bear while Mama is sowing up the outsides of the bear.

I am putting in the stuffing.

I make a wish, and then I put the heart inside the bear, and then Mama sows it up completely.

This is me decorating the bear's dress w/rhinestones.
I am gluing a pink bow on the side of the bear's ear.
Next, I put the shoes on.
Now the house is all done and ready for the bear. By the way, her name is Suzie. I decorated her house...and then I played w/her. :)


  1. Wow, now this looks like it was fun! I read on the box that it comes with 2 bears. When are you going to make the other one? I love Suzie's dress and especially the bow on her head. You look so pretty with your hat, Allyson.

  2. I like your braids,Allyson. Did daddy fix your hair? Are you allowed to tell anyone what your wish was? Grandmothers sister's name is Susan. That is close to Suzie. I would like to play with Suzie when I come to visit.

  3. Have you given your other bear a name yet? If not, you can name it bearlie. Don't you think that is a cute name? How long did it take you to make the bear? I bet Kaleb was a big help.

  4. I am glad that you are more creative than your cousin Meradeth with names. Her teddy bear's name is Teddy. Her giraffe's name is Giraffe. Her stuffed dog's name is dog. Her stuffed Piggy's name is piggy.

  5. ...Meradeth sounds like she takes after her Grandaddy, Kristin. Bearlie? LOL! :o)