Saturday, April 19, 2014

I took these pictures and videos last baseball practice.


  1. Dear precious Allyson,
    I love your new blog cover picture!!!! 2 cookies cleaning up the crumbs, that is very cute and original and VERY artistic. You are just like your mother, very talented.
    I am craZy about you Allyson!

    Dear Travis,
    You are just like your daddy, strong, handsome, and very quick, fast, energetic...... just an all round super achiever. I think I heard someone say your team is the River Bandits, is that your teams name? Which positions do you play?
    I am lunney about you Travis!

    Dear Kaleb,
    I cant wait to see some swimming pictures of you! You are just like your Daddy....strong, handsome, smart, multi-talented ..... you are so smart, you are busting at the seems with talent and personality.
    Please share some of your personality secrets with me, i need to add some vitality to mine andi think you are just the person to get this kind of person that can give me some hints.
    I go bizerk over you Kaleb!

  2. Boy oh boy, Allyson, this was some GREAT picture and video taking!! I watched it twice it was so good. You two boys sure look like top notch ball players! I love all of you SO much!

  3. I sure did enjoy watching your video, Allyson. I clapped when Travis made it to home plate. Do you think that Travis will teach me how to hit the baseball. I always miss the ball when I swing. Do they have a team for grandmothers to play in?